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Thank you!

Here are 20 things that I am thankful for:
– God for the grace that he has showered on me
– the fresh air that I can breathe everyday
– to my wife and daughter
– to my parents for all they have done for me
– to my teachers for inculcating values that I cherish-
– to wake up to a new day everyday
– to be blessed with good senses and faculties
– for being able to afford 3 meals everyday
– for the clothing that I wear everyday
– for the shelter of my home
– for the great holidays that I have enjoyed
– for the fun times I have had with my family
– to toastmasters for the friendly support, communication and leadership
– Laughter
– Work
– Books that are an inspiration and knowledge
– my daughter for organising small parties for us
– Sleep for recharging me
– Music for relaxation and enjoyment
– Yoga for a great start to a new day

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