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New age SMS lingo

May 29, 2013 2 comments

2 b or nt 2 b” This was how a student pulverized Shakespeare in an examination answer sheet.

SMS lingo has now begun creeping into the answer sheets, assignments and even record books! So much so that school teachers are compelled to tell kids that the usage of such language in their exams means lower marks and could even result in flunking

When young we learnt to appreciate poetry and literature in school.  It was  a delight to read poems by Wordsworth, Shelley and Keats. There have been huge strides in technology ,because of which our children are today exposed to the latest gadgets.  They have the virtual world at their fingertips.  They are adept at searching for information, messaging, video chats and social media.  Inspite of all this , I think that the modern day child is more  at  a disadvantage than an advantage.

The biggest disadvantage is the use of new age lingo or sms texting.  This became a fashion because of the ability to be connected with your network on the go. Children today use language like: Yolo, lol, rofl, brb, wtf, wanna, lv, ppl, btw to convey their message and if you are not familiar with these words you are not cool.

In my opinion, this is murder/butchering of the English language.  How can you stand ‘thought’ being spelt as ‘thot’ or ‘between’ being spelt as ‘btwn’.

With the advent of twitter and facebook, this lingo is finding extensive use and slowly it has begun to find its place in school examination papers.

Children today are so distracted with the numerous gadgetry around them that they have no time.. no patience to appreciate the beauty of the language, diction, articulation and phonetics.  They just want to use brief sms lingo.  Very soon this will turn into a whole new language and our Oxford dictionaries have to keep pace or come up with an SMS dictionary.

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Tuesday Haiku

May 7, 2013 1 comment



Fresh raindrops falling
You hold them in your bosom
Your heart shines like pearls

© copyright, skm, 7th May 2013

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Sunday Sketch

ScreenHunter_02 May. 05 23.02

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