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Quirk of Habit

January 13, 2014 5 comments

Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — In yourself or others

One annoying habit that I dislike is people eating crackers or other fried stuff in a cinema hall next to me when I am enjoying a movie. This really annoys me but so far I haven’t told them off.

As far as my quirks are concerned I have many but they are not habits as I do them only at home. One of them is that I tend to buy/keep things that I do not actually need. I am trying my best to get over this one.

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Style icon

January 9, 2014 1 comment

Describe your personal style, however you’d like to interpret that — your clothing style, your communication style, your hair style, your eating style, anything.
Photographers, artists, poets: show us STYLE.

Clothing; I love to dress casual except for a formal occasion. I also prefer light colours and not too shiny or glittery outfits. I like to dress according to the culture of the place where I am. So when I am relaxed and at
home I prefer bermudas and a t-shirt.

Communication style: I feel that the important thing is to make oneself understood. So I like to speak slowly, articulate my words and check with the listener on whether I have made my conversation clear.

Hair style: My hair is all combed backwards and it is easy to maintain this way.

Eating style: I am conscious of what I eat as it effects how I feel during the day. I prefer light, vegetarian food. I sometimes tend to eat at a fast pace and I am trying to take my time and enjoy my food. .

Parenting style: As a parent I am more of a friend and a guide. However, I do set some ground rules for my daughter. I feel that she should have the freedom to find her true nature and expression. So I only help her to balance her work time and free time so that she can develop a balance which will help her in future

Relaxing style: When I am on holiday I try to forget all about work and enjoy to the best.

Life style: I prefer a life of simplicity. I like to travel light. I have realised that there are many things we buy which we find we no longer need after some time. So I am thankful  to God for blessing me with all that I need and more.

Work style: At work I am focussed and sincere. I also love to work in a team and as a leader I love to empower my team to excel.

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Mad as a Hatter

December 20, 2013 2 comments
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December 12, 2013 2 comments

Unexpectedly, you lose your job. (Or a loved one. Or something or someone important to you.) What do you do next?
Photographers, artists, poets: show us LOSS.

The most important thing I believe is knowledge of the truth. The knowledge that nothing in this world is permanent. Clinging on to worldly, material joys is ephemeral and can only give us pleasure, or temporary, fleeting joy.

A loved one, a home, a job will all come and go.

The last big loss that I went through was the death of my mother. She was tome a model of patience and love, bringing up 5 kids and giving us all a good education and a solid foundation in life.

We have to stop thinking from the narrow confines of ourselves to include our family, our community, our country, our world and our universe as one big family. Once we begin to live life with gratitude for every day, every meal, every breath and every experience we begin to feel joy in ourselves and spread this joy to those around us.

Our faith in God and our firm belief in the oneness of us all is the greatest and highest love that can give us equipoise in tough times.

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Learning style

December 9, 2013 Leave a comment

What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals, or simply by reading books?
Photographers, artists, poets: show us LEARNING.


Reading books is the primary source of my information. In college I learnt in a group. The advantage of this method of learning is sharing, discussion and better understanding.

Today there is a wide range of information on the internet and self-paced learning is a reality. Moreover, higher institutions like MIT are also offering their classroom content free online. So there is no dearth of material for a keen student.

However, to really assimilate the knowledge that is learnt, one has to experiment and make mistakes.  This is the best way to imbibe knowledge and understand the fundamentals of a subject.   There is no substitute for ‘learning by doing’.

However, some content may not be verified to be authentic and one has to use one’s judgement when learning online.

Studying a new concept one-on-one is difficult as there is less room for questions and discussion. The most important requirement for learning is a blank mind with no preconceived judgements. This allows curiosity to flourish and questioning leads to better knowledge.

I have found that in a classroom there are children of all types. Some are relatively quiet and can listen. But there are children who are hyperactive and need active learning or exercises to stimulate their learning. So it is a challenge for educators to cater to a wide mix of students in a classroom and design the lesson so as to benefit everyone.

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Hear No Evil

December 3, 2013 Leave a comment
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Versatile blogger award

December 1, 2013 2 comments

versatile blogger

I am grateful to Dr. Kiran Acharya for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award. Kiran – I am glad that you found my blog to be good enough for this award.

The rules for this award:

Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
Write a post and link back to the blogger who nominated you.
Nominate 15 other bloggers.
Inform them of their nomination via comment in their blog.
Post 7 interesting things about yourself.
Some Interesting facts about myself:
1) I grew up in Goa, India
2) I can speak English, Hindi, Marathi, Konkani and Malayalam. I also learnt French for 3 years at school.
3) I believe that watching TV is mostly a waste of time
4) I like to read P G Wodehouse, Roald Dahl , Jane Austen, Lewis Carrol etc
5) I enjoy a weekend siesta
6) I love humorous shows like ‘Whose line is it anyway’, Mind your language, The Naked Gun etc
7) When on a trip, I prefer not to answer calls or surf the net
8) I enjoy the company of children
9) I admire leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Subash Chandra Bose, Abraham Lincoln & Martin Luther King
10)I do not do too much planning and organising

I would like to nominate the following bloggers for this award:

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Fearful Symmetry

October 2, 2013 Leave a comment

Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.Photographers, artists, poets: show us SYMMETRY.




They call it fibonacci
Though I am bewildered
The patterns in nature
Those intricate designs

The butterflies wings
The snail shell
The veins on a leaf
The stripes on a zebra

The human body
That is a perfect symmetry
There isn’t anything in nature
That does not make you wonder!


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September 18, 2013 Leave a comment

fridge cartoon

Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person.
Photographers, artists, poets: show us PERSPECTIVE.

I was born in the year 2001. I am cold blooded.  I keep all your food, fruits, vegetables and drinks fresh for your consumption.

It is sometimes appaling how some people treat me without respect. They just bang my door. And the gluttons they keep opening me to see what I’ve got. They keep gobbling food from me. Come on folks – give me some respect!

I can turn water into nice square cubes that you people like to mix with your drinks. When you are tired and exhausted, I can recharge you with a chilling drink.

No – No – no – dear do not switch off the power. I cannot survive in hot, humid conditions. This kid is really naughty and gets on my nerves!

(Picture courtesy:

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Thank you!

September 12, 2013 2 comments

Here are 20 things that I am thankful for:
– God for the grace that he has showered on me
– the fresh air that I can breathe everyday
– to my wife and daughter
– to my parents for all they have done for me
– to my teachers for inculcating values that I cherish-
– to wake up to a new day everyday
– to be blessed with good senses and faculties
– for being able to afford 3 meals everyday
– for the clothing that I wear everyday
– for the shelter of my home
– for the great holidays that I have enjoyed
– for the fun times I have had with my family
– to toastmasters for the friendly support, communication and leadership
– Laughter
– Work
– Books that are an inspiration and knowledge
– my daughter for organising small parties for us
– Sleep for recharging me
– Music for relaxation and enjoyment
– Yoga for a great start to a new day

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