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Bhagavad Gita Ch15 – A visual story

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Conversations with Leaders – 6

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(An interview with Lew Sauder, Consultant and Author)

My ebook ‘Leadership in times of Crisis’ is a synthesis of conversations with practitioners, authors and leaders in the field of Project Management and Leadership. Here is a conversation that I had with Lew Sauder)

Lew Sauder is the  is the author of Consulting 101, Project Management 101, and co-author, with Jeff Porter, of The Reluctant Mentor.  He has been a consultant with top-tier and boutique consulting firms for over twenty years. He has also served outside of consulting as a client manager where he sat on the other side of the desk, hiring and managing consulting firms.

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Happy New Year!

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PM Rockstar Summit

December 13, 2020 1 comment

It was an honour for me to speak at the PM Rockstar Summit.  Thankyou @Richard Junod for the opportunity to share the platform with other speakers like @Dawn Mahan, @Mike Clayton, @Curtis Jenkins, @Duena Bluestrom and @Thomas Meloche

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12.12.2020 sale

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Special 12.12.2020 discount. Buy my ebook ‘Leadership in times of Crisis’ on Leanpub
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What has 2020 taught you?

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  1. For me 2020 has helped me to gain a great deal of perspective
  2. It has helped me to be prepared for the unthinkable
  3. It has shown me that leaders who have a clear vision can help us to chart a course for the future even when things are uncertain
  4. 2020 has shown that Organizations that embrace change as a constant and embed it into their culture can thrive amidst disruptions
  5. We have to plan and be on the lookout for new challenges. It is better to plan now rather than when a crisis strikes us
  6. This year I have been able to speak to 23 leaders from around the world on leadership. I have synthesized their personal anecdotes and actionable insights into a book ‘Leadership in times of Crisis
  7. Many employees had to get used to ‘work from home’. This also affected children who had to attend online classes.
  8. Most children and adults became adept at using video conferencing tools like Zoom, skype, Google meet, Microsoft teams and Goto Meeting to attend online classes or work from home
  9. Some organizations went the extra mile to take good care of their employees during this tough transition. Other organizations were not empathetic enough and even fired employees.
  10. Many people made the best use of this time to exercise, cook, and try out different skills as they had more time on their hands.

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