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25 simple things that interest me

1. Watching a sunset
2. Taking a stroll in the park
3. Flying a kite on a windy day
4. Taking a nap on a Saturday afternoon
5. Building a sand castle on the beach
6. Inline skating in a park or beach side
7. Playing board games with my daughter
8. Swimming
9. Waking up early in the morning
10. Doing yoga in the morning
11. Going for a jog
12. Reading a good book
13. Listening to good music
14. Watching a movie with family
15. Spending time with family
16. Watching the fish swim in the aquarium
17. Going on a holiday
18. Enjoying the sights and sounds of a new country
19. Tweeting/blogging
20. Being with family, friends and relatives
21. Volunteering for the needy and disadvantaged
22. Starting something on my own – entrepreneurship
23. Speaking with confidence – toastmasters
24. Learning something new
25. Group activities, outings, experiential learning, trekking, biking, marathon etc.

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