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Green club – A fun initiative

March 28, 2012 1 comment

My daughter came up to me last week and exclaimed: “Dad, we are starting a green club”.  I was surprised and at the same time very happy to hear this.  Usually, the children spend their time in the playground cycling, skating and playing games.  But for the past week they have been busy planting seeds in  reusable bottles, making exhibits, planning games and organising their first green club exhibition at the linkhouse near our block.   The kids had devised a novel method of having fun and at the same time they were doing their part in spreading the message of saving the earth and making the world a better place.

By taking the time to find the materials, plant seeds, do the exhibits etc.  for their own club exhibition they had shown great team work &   planning and organizing skills for this event.  They also had a lot of fun by playing games.  I feel that we can encourage such commitment from a young age as they have demonstrated a love and care  for our ecosystem by coming together to start the club!

  The Green Club members


We decided that we owe these children a treat for their wonderful effort!!

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Sunday inspiration – Pune woman

March 25, 2012 1 comment


(*Art inspired by a web photo by Harini Calamur)

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The train ride

March 23, 2012 13 comments

The little girl looks at her reflection
In  the train window
She begins play acting
oblivious to those around her

The old man in the corner seat
cannot suppress a smile
Suddenly their eyes meet
And she takes cover

The crowd  swells in  as people jostle for space
The intercom resonates
Train door is closing..
Please mind the platform gap

She  turns to her mother
Pleading to play a game with her
She recites the names of the stations
Novena, Newton, Orchard, Somerset..

The young lad sways to and fro
Unable to control his sleep
He is shaken from his dream
By the lady beside him

Suddenly it turns dark
The train passes a tunnel
The little girl hugs her mother
And eagerly awaits the light

All around people tapping
smartphones and  tablets
Checking out social media and games
Absorbed, riveted and focussed

The girl runs to the window
Amazed by sight of boats in a row
serene waters and blue clouds
Skirted by green trees

Events change along the train ride
one after another like patterns
Of a kaleidoscope
Surprises waiting to unfold


© copyright skm, 23rd March 2012

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Teach to inspire

March 21, 2012 1 comment

I have always had a love for teaching. Although, I am an engineer by profession,I have taught primary to junior college children in my free time.

On one instance I had a class of naughty primary 3 students. Some of the kids would keep talking no matter what you told them. They were easily distracted and you had to capture their attention. Borrowing erasers and pencils and talking to each other during the class It was difficult to manage them so I had to set the ground rules first.

My strategy was to ask lot of questions, inculcate in them a love of the subject, get them involved and encourage them. Asking questions is very important and children will develop a better understanding by clarifying their doubts. If they are not allowed to ask questions these questions will remain as lingering doubts in their mind.

Giving the children a real world perspective when teaching science eg. showing what a fern or hibiscus looks like, can help to arouse more interest than just describing concepts in words.

Some children have a natural inclination towards art and craft. And when given projects they are totally absorbed in it and it turns into a whole new learning experience. They love to make scrapbooks, origami and science projects and enjoy self-learning and discovery.

When teaching english, getting young children to develop the habit of reading is important as it improves their vocabulary naturally. Children today are exposed to a lot of technology gadgets like smart phones, television, playstations etc that their attention is easily distracted. Taking children to the library or reading a book to them at night can help to rekindle the love of reading.

Teachers can do a lot to inspire, motivate and instill the right values in our children!!


March 8, 2012 5 comments

Blossoming flowers and fresh greens
Welcome Spring – the season of joy
Shedding all inhibitions
People step out into the open

Water pistols in hand
Colour packets in pockets
Holi unfolds in the streets
A riot of colours

A time to bond
To smile, to hug
Colour each other
Like kids in gay abandon

The crowds break into dance
Holi Hai, Holi Hai
Vibrant joy and emotion
Wipe off tears and distress

Painted in colours of love
All look the same
An atmosphere of frolic
And a feeling of oneness

© copyright skm, 8th March 2012

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