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Love Vibes

April 5, 2019 1 comment

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Love has been described in infinite ways -“The elixir of Joy”, “The Antidote to Pain”, “The Alpha and the Omega”.  Love fuels the fire of our passion.  It lifts us from our limitations to our potential.  It transcends time and space.  Love forgets differences and prejudices.  Love heals.  Love is the vibration of the spirit – the song of the Universe.

When we live in the love vibration- our energy resonates qualities of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, respect, generosity, joy and peace.  We expand when we love – we contract when we hate.

When we love, we exude a magnetic charisma that attracts positivity and goodness.  We feel light and shine brighter.

When we love we see a connection – that every presence on this planet – human, animal, plant  – every material are all interdependent – there is no separation.  What affects one – affects us all!

When we are in the love vibration we encounter people and situations that inspire us and guide us toward the fulfilment of our potential and passion.  We are in the flow of life.  Our role shifts from reactive to creative.  We are empowered!

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We can be taught

What makes a teacher great?


Teachers are our role models. Some of my teachers made learning fun and the 45 minutes of their class was truly riching and fun.

One of my teachers had such a passion for maths and science that he transmitted the passion to his students. It was a joy to watch as he nurtured in us a love for these subjects. He taught us how to go out there and get our goal in life. He had strong ethics and values and led by example. He had a passion to make us worldly wise and not just bookish.

On the last day of school my teacher who taught us Leadership & Public speaking- wrote something in my notebook that I will never forget to this day –He wrote “Self conquest leads to world conquest”. I feel that these are the little things that teachers can inculcate in their children – a love of the subject, values and leadership.

In a classroom you find all types of students – some focussed and others easily distracted and hyperactive. A good teacher is able to engage the children in activities that bring out their unique nature and kindle the interest in the subject. A teacher enables the children to look at a problem from different perspectives so as to develop creativity and out of  the box thinking.

With too much focus on maths and science and use of logic these days a teacher can help develop an enthusiasm in art  and craft to balance the use of intuition with logic.

Teaching is not about reading from a book or writing words on the board. It does not promote rote learning. A teacher does not have to teach everything. He or she is more of a facilitator who builds a solid foundation and develops keen interest and curiosity so that the students are spurred by a desire to find out more.

Teaching is a noble profession as the foundations, ethics, morals and values that are built up during our primary years go on to define our character and leadership skills later on in life!

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Opening Lines: How Famous Creators Got Their Start

January 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Opening Lines is a wonderful project exploring how famous writers, artists, musicians, innovators, philosophers and politicians got their start, pushing past bumpy beginnings towards epic triumphs.

At its core, Opening Lines is about providing that little boost of inspiration for those discouraged in the pursuit of their creative passions. It’s a reminder that the myth of the overnight success is just that — a myth — and that, as Thomas Edison famously remarked, stick-to-itiveness is an essential component of getting anywhere worth going.

Opening Lines: How Famous Creators Got Their Start.

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