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Cameron islands – a refreshing getaway!

Strawberries, sweet corn, sunrises , BOH Tea, fresh vegetables and serenity – These are some of the irresistible things that you find in Cameron Highlands near Ipoh in Malaysia besides many others.

We went for a weekend getaway by coach (equipped with ultra-modern AV facilities).  We stayed at the Strawberry Park resort which is a great place to stay.  There is a lot to see and experience in Cameron Highlands.

We booked for some of the tours – the Discovery nature tour, the Agro tour, the Jungle trek at night and the Sunrise tour.  Each one of these tours are awesome and the tour guides were well –versed with the knowledge and history of the area.

It is quite cool and pleasant and the highest point in Cameron Highlands is called B. Brinchang.

The first day we went to the Jungle trek at night.  There was a slight drizzle but the 2.5 km trek in pitch dark with just the aid of torchlights and our guide to help us.

The next day we went on the discovery tour covered the BOH tea plantation, the mossy forest. The tea making process was explained, there was tea sampling and also fresh tea leaves for sale.

The agro delight tour covered strawberry self-picking , hydroponics farm, cactus farm, water cress etc with a steamboat dinner at the end.


Cameron islands has a lot of beautiful flower gardens too.  In the town you can  sample some good Chinese, Malay and Indian food.

What is unique about Cameron Highlands is the serene atmosphere, the laid-back lifestyle and wonderful landscape.

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  1. October 16, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    Beautiful shots!

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