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Getting dirty & wild in Pulau Ubin (A place to bike, hike, kayak and unwind)



What a wonderful idea to spend 2D/1N in Pulau Ubin.   It seemed we were transported to an altogether rustic village with no shopping centres,high-rise buildings and swanky roads.

We decided to spend a night at the Celestial Resort in Pulau Ubin.  The resort is a chalet-type resort with basic amenities lke  a queen bed, bath, a mini-fridge and air-con.  It is quite clean and a nice place to wind off with not too many distractions. Also once we were in the room, there were no mosquitoes to trouble us.  For those on a tight-budget you can even spend the night camping in a tent at one of the beaches on the island – Jelutong, Noordin and Mamam beaches.  But, it is advisable to carry a mosquito/insect repellent.

Just outside the resort they have a herb and spices garden with a variety of plants like Hawaiian tea leaf, midnight horror, passion fruit (buah susu), Midnight horror (oroxylum indicum), Cat’s whiskers, Lemon grass, Mint, Pomelo, Bitter Gourd, Sweet corn, Ceylon spinach, Lady finger, Indian curry leaf tree, Basil, Cucumber, Long beans, Groundnut, Sweet potato, Elephant yam, Chili padi, Pitaya/Dragon fruit, Wild pepper, lengkuas, ginger, Turmeric, Bilimbi, citronella grass etc.  Nearby they also have durian trees, nipah palm tree, coconut trees, jackfruit trees, coffee plants etc.



We spend the first day cycling along the island.  The paths have slopes but it is a fun way to stop and explore the plants and wildlife on the island.  The resort does serve breakfast but for lunch and dinner you have to go to the nearby village.

We also enjoyed kayaking in the waters in the morning at high tide.  A pet dog followed us into the water and would swim along our kayak throughout our 1 hour in the waters.

The next day morning after a simple breakfast in the resort we set for Chek Java wetlands by van.  Chek Java has one of Singapore’s richest ecosystems.  It has a visitor centre and the mangrove and coastal board walks which uncover a lot of biodiversity like mangroves, mud lobsters, orange fiddler crabs, mud skippers, barnacles, lichens, sea weeds, nipah palms with globular flower clusters, monitor lizards, monkeys etc.






Many complain in forums that the place is boring and not maintained but I would say to the people who are so used and pampered with five-star amenities that Pulau Ubin is a fabulous place to get dirty, cycle, hike and just enjoy.

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