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O La Paloma Blanca

April 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

The early hours are the best part of my day. It is the time when I can focus my mind and decide on the quality of thoughts for the day. After a good nights rest, it is in the morning that there is a flurry of thoughts that invade our mind. Before that happens I usually have half an hour of quiet time for prayer, contemplation and peace.

I find that this practice has been of great help to me especially in times of challenge. After a good rest, the morning sun recharges me and I am ready to give my best. So I am a morning bird that sings “O la Paloma blanca”

When the sun shines on the mountains
and the night is on the run,
its a new day,its a new way,
and I fly up to the sun.

I can feel the morning sunlight.
I can smell the new-morn hay.
I can hear Gods voices calling
of my golden skylight way.

O la paloma blanca,
Im just a bird in the sky.
O la paloma blanca,
over the mountains I fly.
Yes, no one can take my freedom away.

Once I had my share of losing,
once they locked me on a chain.
Yes, they tried to break my power.
Oh I still can feel the pain.

O la paloma blanca,
Im just a bird in the sky.
O la paloma blanca,
over the mountains I fly.
Yes, no one can take my freedom away.

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Who I Am & Why I Am Here?

April 20, 2014 Leave a comment

Hi I am Sajeev Kumar from Singapore.  I like to blog in my free time as I believe is: 

An outlet for my creativity
A creative flow from the deep recesses of your mind. An outlet to express your emotions.  An expression of love, a celebration of success, an inspiration on the joys of life and a search for the truth.

Write to inspire
We can write to inspire and motivate and develop the leaders of tomorrow.  To instill values that stand the test of time.  To inspire people to live a life of value based on simplicity, truth and courage. To stop the mad rat-race and greed that is leading to our downfall.  To seek to know the true purpose of our life.

A stand against injustice
Writing also enables us to take a stand against injustices prevailing in society like corruption, child labour, rape, terrorism, atrocities against women, racial distinctions etc.  By writing we can take little steps to enlighten and educate people of the ills in our society.

A fight for a noble cause
 It helps us to undertake and mobilise people to work for noble causes like education for the poor, the fight against poverty, environmental causes, food and water for poor etc.

The recognition of the oneness in us
Writing opens our heart to the world.  It recognises the oneness in all of us.  And by sharing our joys, sorrows and successes we recognise and re-inforce the belief that a community effort is more successful than a lone voice that cannot be heard.  It helps us to mobilise people towards a noble cause.

We can write to inform, to educate, to share, to lift the spirits, to lighten the mood, to seek the truth, to inspire with poetry, stories, art, travel and photography.


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Wordless Wednesdays

April 16, 2014 Leave a comment



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Why Can’t We Be Friends?

April 10, 2014 1 comment

Do you find it easy to make new friends? Tell us how you’ve mastered the art of befriending a new person.

Life is so short that it would be boring without friends. I am not exactly extrovert or loquacious by nature. But I love to meet people and network.

This was one of the reasons why I joined toastmasters. It is a great way to network, learn and have fun at the same time. I have met and made friends with wonderful people from many parts of the world through toastmasters.

At our club, we welcome guests and it is a great opportunity to learn how to start conversations, make our guests feel at home, engage them and enthrall them. Most of our guests feel welcome and want to join our club.

Blogging and social media also help me to network with people. Another good avenue is meetups with groups pursuing similar interests like table-tennis, music and other hobbies.


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Make Me Smile

April 8, 2014 9 comments

If you’re feeling blah, what is the one thing you do that you can count on to put a smile on your face?

Smiles and laughter can recharge you and have a great effect on our well-being.   Laughter and good humour is infectious.  The sound of roaring laughter is also contagious.  When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy.  Llaughter also triggers healthy physical changes in the body. Humour and laughter strengthen your immune system, boost your energy,  diminish pain, and protect you from the damaging effects of stress

I love to watch standup comedies, fun sitcoms like Friends, Seinfeld, Whose line is it anyway, Just for laughs etc. I also try to play with my daughter whenever I get time. Children have a natural sense of humour
and laugh much more than adults.

Watching cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Popeye with your child is also a great way to relax at home and enjoy some laughter.

Laughter teaches us not to take everything too seriously. It makes us lighten up and also lightens the mood of those around us.

Whether it is sharing a good joke, relating a humorous anecdote or watching a funny movie – we can inject some humour into our daily life to smile, enhance our personality and spread the good feeling to those around us.


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Lookin’ Out My Back Door

April 4, 2014 1 comment

Look out your back window or door — describe what you see, as if you were trying to convey the scene to someone from another country or planet.



From my window, I can see that the Indian laburnums (Cassia fistula, GoldenShower Tree) are in full bloom this year.  All along the streets the trees are in full bloom just in time for Vishu (the new year according to the Malayalam calendar).

On April 15th, Malayalee Hindus will wake up early in the morning have a bath and see the Vishu Kani. The elders in the house arrange the Vishu Kani. A picture of Lord Krishna is decorated using ‘konna’ (laburnum) flowers. The Vishukkani consists of an arrangement of auspicious articles like raw rice, fresh lemon, golden cucumber, betel leaves, arecanut, metal mirror, yellow flowers konna (Cassia fistula), and a holy text and coins, in a bell metal vessel called uruli in the puja room of the house. A lighted bell metal lamp called nilavilakku is also placed alongside

On Vishu, the custom is to wake up at dawn and go to the puja room with eyes closed so that the Vishukkani is the first sight of the new season. The elders in the family first wake up and light the lamp and then they will bring each member of the family by closing their eyes and leading them to the Vishu Kani. We believe that seeing the auspicious picture of Lord Krishna early in the morning will usher in good luck, happiness and prosperity. All the kids will get vishu kaineettam (some money) after the vishu kani from elderly persons of the house.

There is a spread of Vishu sadya (traditional lunch) on this day, crackers are lit up and there is fun and merriment all around.

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If I Could Turn Back Time

If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of you life would you return to? Why?

If I could really turn back time, I would like to go back to my childhood years when I was 8 – 10 years old. My childhood time was really colourful and packed with activities.

Climbing trees, plucking cashews, tamarind, mangoes, jamuns, blackberries gave a thrill to us. We used to also play kabaddi, 7-tiles, cricket, TT during playtime.

We had a big community at our colony. We used to get together for all festivals irrespective of religion. We also emjoyed participating in dramas, competitions, games, entertainment programmes, movie screenings etc

I would also like to go back to spend more time with my mother who is no more.  I would like to be with her, care for her and thank her for all that she has done for me

Childhood was a really fun phase of my life!

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I walk the line

March 31, 2014 1 comment

Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?

Here are 25 values that I consider important in my life and that I would like to pass on to  my child.   I believe that as a parent we are role models whom our children follow as examples.   In the modern day,  a well-rounded education which emphasises on life-skills, decision making and street-smartness is of more value .   Assimilation is of more importance than knowledge.

Respect for people
Respect for nature
Work-life balance
Social skills
Sense of humour
Think before you speak
Speaking & listening skills
Take risks
Stand up for yourself
Agree to disagree
Time management
Money management


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Que Sera Sera

March 27, 2014 1 comment

Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?

I believe that both fate and free-will play a part in our life. We have no control over our past actions. Our past actions some of them that we can’t even remember will bear fruit at some time or the other and we have to accept the result.

At the same time, what we have control over is our present.By using our free-will we can design the blueprint for our future. So by aligning our thoughts to a higher noble cause we can make our actions serve our loved ones and the commmunity. In this way,  we can act with purpose, with an integrated mind and intellect.

When our actions flow smoothly without any agitations then they help us by developing our equipoise and they do not generate excess wants and desires that disturb our mind. When our actions are not selfish and benefit a community then we don’t have to worry about the results – they will certainly bear ripe fruits benefitting our family, friends and community at large.

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White Lies

March 26, 2014 2 comments

(This is the script of my AP2 – Humorously speaking speech that I delivered at our Toastmasters Chapter meeting yesterday)

A bus filled with politicians was driving through the countryside one day, on the campaign trail. The bus driver, caught up in the beautiful scenery,loses control and crashes into the ditch. A farmer living nearby hears the horrible crash and rushes out to discover the wreckage. Finding the politicians, he buries them.

The next day, the police come to the farm to question the man. “So you buried all the politicians?” asked the police officer. “Were they all dead?”

The farmer answered, “Some said they weren’t, but you know how politicians lie.”

TME, distinguished guests and friends – How many of you have lied at some time or another in your life?

Now – For those of you who are not raising their hands – are you sure?

We grow up with the belief system etched in our mind that it is always wrong to lie and that you will be condemned if you do. We think that like Pinocchio whose nose grew longer whenever he told a lie so also something awful will happen to us if we tell lies.

  •  Visit a hospital and you’ll hear a lie: “The doctor will be
    with you in a minute.”
  • Visit a dentist and you’ll hear a lie: “This won’t hurt a

There are certain situations where it is ok to tell white lies:

-          1)  Sometimes we tweak the truth to not offend or hurt the feelings of someone who matters to you.

-          – Suppose your wife asks  you : Does this dress make me look fat?  At first you pretend you didn’t hear the question .. Then you say – “ No honey, you look as slim as you did yesterday!”

-            2)  If your 5 year old asks you if  tooth fairy or Santa exists – You do not destroy the little ones innocence or creative imagination

-            3) Offering pleasantries – or mild false truths.  Like if you are a guest at someones house and you are offered something.  It is ok to say.. that you loved it although you did not because you don’t want to be a jerk and offend them.

-            4) In a life and death situation -

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant asks what you should do if someone running by with a weapon asks you if you have seen someone pass by just few minutes ago and in which direction they were heading. Telling the truth might result in death or severe injury while lying may save a life.

5) Many a time we ask ‘How are you’ even though we don’t actually care

6) Even in this age of sms and internet – we lie.  When we text ‘I am on my way’ or ‘I didn’t get your message’

7) Then there is the ‘I’ve read the terms and conditions”.  Who reads all the 10 page terms and conditions on a contract or investment or legal document  before agreeing. A research by British firm Gamestation has shown that as many as 88% of people do not read the terms & conditions of a website before making a purchase.


A clergyman was walking down the street when he came upon a group of about a dozen boys, all of them between 10 and 12 years of age.
The group surrounded a dog.
Concerned lest the boys were hurting the dog,the clergyman went over and asked “What are you doing with that dog?”
One of the boys replied, “This dog is just an old neighborhood stray. We all want him, but only one of us can take him home. So we’ve decided that whichever one of us can tell the biggest lie will get to keep the dog.”
Of course, the clergyman was taken aback.
“You boys shouldn’t be having a contest telling lies!” he exclaimed.
He then launched into a ten minute sermon against lying,
beginning, “Don’t you boys know it’s a sin to lie,” and ending with, “Why, when I was your age, I never told a lie.”
There was dead silence for about a minute.
Just as the clergyman was beginning to think he’d convinced them , the smallest boy gave a deep sigh and said,
“Oh..All right,he won…give him the dog.”


In life, we may not be able to stick to absolute moral rules such as ‘never tell lies’ but we can follow an ethical approach of reasoning before we tell white lies to save someones life or not to offend our dear ones.

So … what did you think about my speech? . Don’t worry , its okay to lie

(References – the 2 jokes at the start and end of the speech  are googled from the internet)


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