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The Storm

February 7, 2012 2 comments

The sail rises and falls
As a strong wind blows
Tossing our boat
On the stormy sea

Dark clouds hover above
Casting a shadow over
Shimmering blue waters
Like a grey and dark monster

The reefs and rocks endure
The wrath of the sea
Like faith they stand witness
To the raging, stormy sea

The surging waves resound
Like a restless teenager
And like his temper tantrums
The wind cries reach a crescendo

Finally the storm abates
And a calm descends
Like a tired son falling sleep
On hearing mothers lullaby

Our hearts sing prayers of gratitude
As we make a final dash to shore
Clinging on hope and faith
And heroic stories to relate

© copyright skm, 7th February 2012

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