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August 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Like a heart
gliding in the sky
Blowing my own trumpet
Like an elephant
I would love to fly
upon a rainbow
Listening to the sound of a violin
Matching colour and sound
Drive a Volkswagen
Rather than lie on a sofa
And have my dinner
At a Californian restaurant
I look with awe at the rising waves
And fear grips me
Then I look up towards the sky
flooded with stars
Through a canopy
Of cloud-kissing redwood trees


©  copyright skm, 10th August 2013

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The Rainforest

June 13, 2011 8 comments

Luxurious and resplendent
Like a damsel in a green gown
Unexplored and unknown
The woods
A haven for all life

A canopy of towering trees
Umbrella for plants and shrubs
Fresh waters of the stream
Trickle melodiously through rocks

Where animals of the wild wander free –
As the sun sets
Owls, bats and creatures of the night
Take refuge in your bosom

Dark, dangerous and deep
What secrets do you keep?
As you welcome
Seekers of thrill and adventure

Axes and bulldozers
Cut and plunder  mercilessly-
As  the green cover disappears
I hear the moan,  I hear your cries

What was once
Beautiful  and green
Dense rainforest and woods
Is today a concrete jungle

© copyright skm, 13th June, 2011

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