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The Tree

January 20, 2012 5 comments

Resolute and firm you stood your ground
As summer, winter and rain
Crossed your  path
And  autumn stripped you bare

Stolid and majestic
Your proud branches
Spread high into the sky
Seeking to embrace the clouds

As daylight breaks
You welcome the sun
With dew drops strewn like pearls
On  fresh green leaves

At noon the sun high above
Brings weary travellers to your feet
You shower a blanket of shade above
Like a mother hugs a child in her bosom

At nightfall
Moonlight shines through you
Like a bride’s silhouette
Adorned in sparkling jewels

© copyright skm, 20th Jan, 2012

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December 1, 2011 15 comments

From a seed springs forth a plant
Reaching  out to the sun
Branching out with vigour
Into a full-grown tree

A tender, helpless child
Grows into a teenager
Then matures into an adult
Grows old and dies one day

A tiny caterpillar
Nibbling on green leaves
Slowly transforms into a pupa
Until it breaks free into a butterfly

Seasons change
Plants, animals and humans change
Day changes to night
Change is all around us

Let us remain centred
While riding this wave of change
Soaring high into the sky like the redwood tree
Keeping its roots firm underground


© copyright skm, 1st Dec, 2011

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