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The Essence

April 30, 2011 17 comments


From the moment we open our eyes
To the instant that we sleep at night
A miracle unfolds in front of us
And yet we are oblivious

The clouds at dawn rise
And the sun rays shine through
Dew drops on flowers shine
And birds fly high into the sky

The inspiring beauty of morning
The ball of fire rising
A gentle wind blows by
Amazing , wondrous and spectacular

Looking at natures splendour
My mind cant help but wonder
If so captivating is your creation
Then how infinite must be your beauty

You are the essence of life
You create, sustain and destroy
The life force that enlivens everyone
Unborn, indestructible and immutable

Inconceivable, pure and eternal
I cannot fathom you
Yet I seek to know you
Every moment of the day

Shower your grace upon us
So that we revel  in your love
So that we may feel your presence
Every moment of our lives

Shower your grace upon us
So that we co-exist with nature
So that we learn to share and care
Every moment of our lives

© copyright, skm,  30th April, 2011

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Ode to Nature

February 9, 2011 3 comments

The morning sun in all its glory
Is smiling through  pine trees
Mountains kiss the snow-white clouds
And birds soar  towards the heavens

Fields of multi-coloured tulips beckon
The honey bees buzzing by
The sound of the cascading waterfall
Calling to the river below

Wild grass swaying in the passing breeze
And radiant butterflies fluttering by
A frisky squirrel nibbling nuts
And cows grazing listlessly in the pasture

The sweet stream trickles in calm delight
Guiding rainbow fishes along
And water lilies shyly dance
Their leaves glisten in the light

I drink in the sights and sounds
And my heart feels light
Transfixed, I stand and gaze in wonder
Amazed at natures splendour!


© copyright skm February 9th, 2011



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