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I am Me

January 13, 2013 2 comments

I’m just another person
Living a happy life
I have my quirks
And can be quite a jerk

Can’t juggle with balls
Or pull a rabbit out of a hat
But I’m simple and friendly
If that’s what you seek

I have dreams and hopes
And I do set goals
But I’m thankful I’m blessed
With more than I need

I love to wonder
Laugh and cry
And look at nature
With an innocent eye

Don’t ask for perfection
If you find me clumsy
I wear no mask
I am Me


© copyright skm, 13th January, 2013

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Priceless joys

October 1, 2011 20 comments

When turbulent storms rock your boat
And you are shaken, befuddled
Then take a pause, take a breath
And play with your child

Blow soap bubbles
And watch them fly high
Run after them
Tender, timeless  joys

Buy a chocolate, eat an icecream
Take a stroll in the park
Build a sand castle by the seaside
These are life’s priceless joys

Fly a kite, take a swim
cycle or skate
Lifes greatest lessons
Are learned through simple joys

© copyright, skm, 1st Oct 2011

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