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Mumbai – Night of terror

July 14, 2011 5 comments

Evil struck  on a Wednesday night
Cowardice written on their face
Cold, dull hearts caused agony
In a crowded marketplace

Planting bombs in cars
Attacking innocent people
Blood flowed, bodies flew
Causing torment and agony

A city is helpless
The people run amok
Satanic forces incite arson
And wounded our nations fabric

An eerie silence prevails
Mourning, rage and helpless anger
The media is in a frenzy
Trying to outdo each other

Only  stone-hearted people can kill
Human lives that bear no ill
O wicked men of terror
What ails you? What glory do you seek?

O God! I pray for the innocent victims
The wounded and the helpful citizens
Who come together at this time of peril
United in a moment of agony


© copyright skm, 14th July, 2011

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