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Re-springing your step

January 20, 2015 1 comment

Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated.  What was it that had such a positive effect on you?


There are couple of things that energize me leaving me refreshed and reinvigorated.  First among these is waking up early in the morning followed by a morning jog or some quiet time for  reflection.

On weekends a good afternoon nap is one of the best ways to feel  fresh and recharged.

On weekdays after a days work, I find that the best way to relax and recharge is to attend a toastmasters session where I get to network with  friends and have fun through learning and sharing

Spending some time everyday watching Friends, Comedy central or Standup comedies and reading a good book are ways to recharge myself.

Travelling to a new destination to soak in the sights, sounds and culture also has a soothing effect for me after a week of hectic work.

A good massage at a spa also rejuvenates me and leaves me alive and kicking

Finally, listening/playing music and being with my family leave me refreshed

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Cherry blossoms

June 19, 2012 2 comments

Cherry blossoms symbolize the arrival of spring, prosperity and joy.

In Japan, cherry trees, called “sakura,” and cherry blossom flowers  are held in high regard.  The Japanese people celebrate hanami annually. Hanami is basically parties organized to view blossoming cherry trees.  They also symbolize innocence and simplicity.

We can all be like the cherry blossoms.  Let us sow the seeds of positive thoughts in our minds so that there is a bountiful spring. Let us spend some time every day in introspection and improving the quality of our thoughts, reducing the quantity of our thoughts and directing our thoughts to a higher ideal!


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