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Imperfectly perfect

May 26, 2011 4 comments

Right from childhood, comparing and contrasting is the favourite pastime of parents.  They seek  perfection in their children – perfect in studies, in arts, in sports and ‘second best’ will just not do.  I shudder to think  what would this world be like if we were all perfect?

Those little quirks, mistakes, strange behaviours are what makes us so unique and beautiful.  So why are we in an endless quest for perfection?

Does a perfect 100/100 mean your child is a genius?  It is not wrong to be ambitious but in that quest to get perfection are we not destroying their creativity?

Can we mess up things a bit?  Do things differently without offending anyone.  Be a little clumsy, crazy once a while.  That imperfection, that chaos is so much fun in this world .  If not things would be too orderly and routine.

It is our mistakes our flaws that give us strength to try harder.  If we were perfect  we would be lethargic – we wouldn’t feel the need to work.  Imperfection is what builds our character.

We are humans – we are born with flaws and each of us has our own strange mannerisms and behaviours.  That is what makes us stand out from the crowd.  That is the beauty in us.  So, let us celebrate our imperfections.  Let us seek to be imperfectly perfect.

Here is Alex Lambert singing ‘Imperfectly Perfect”:

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