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Meandering clouds

February 21, 2011 6 comments

Snowy-white cotton balls
Magic carpet of eternal white
A white quilt for the blue sky
Soothing and comforting

Pearl-white candy floss
Across the  blue  skies
The sun like a small child
Bathes you in its  glow

An angel draped in her wedding gown
Waiting eagerly for her moment of bliss
Just in time the groom jets through
Lifting her off her feet

Meandering through infinite space
Slowly but purposefully
I see you change colours
Sparkling white, orange, yellow and crimson

We look at the sky in awe and wonder why
Your shapes keep changing all through the day
At times you turn dark and grey
And wave your magic wand to thunderous  applause

When the sun sets
You dazzle and sparkle
Like a peacock ecstatic
Showing its multicolour plumage

And when you are hurt
Tears fill your bosom
And fall down like pearls
As a blessing from heavens!

© copyright skm February 21st, 2011

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