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Priceless joys

October 1, 2011 20 comments

When turbulent storms rock your boat
And you are shaken, befuddled
Then take a pause, take a breath
And play with your child

Blow soap bubbles
And watch them fly high
Run after them
Tender, timeless  joys

Buy a chocolate, eat an icecream
Take a stroll in the park
Build a sand castle by the seaside
These are life’s priceless joys

Fly a kite, take a swim
cycle or skate
Lifes greatest lessons
Are learned through simple joys

© copyright, skm, 1st Oct 2011

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Its our 10th marriage anniversary and here is a poem in celebration:

Ten years have gone by
Since fate united us
And we have come a long way
Sharing our hopes, fears, trials and successes

Let us cherish our sweet memories
Our little joys and quibbles
Our moments of togetherness
and the space we give each other

A little pearl came into our lives
Bringing us even more smiles
She plays a big role in uniting us
And is the spark in our celebration

Let us help each other to achieve
Our best in what we do
Be the shoulder to fall upon
Whenever the tide rocks our boat

I thank you for you
For all the love we share
Let us be guiding beacons
for each other through life

©copyright, skm,  5th May, 2011

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