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As you sow so shall you reap

July 10, 2011 14 comments

Sow a seed in fertile soil
Nurture it with care
And watch the plant grow
All life starts from a seed
Tender and fragile
The seed is the source of ife

Sow the thoughts of love in your mind
Directed to a higher ideal
And let not greed, anger and jealousy
Defile this sacred chamber
Widen your vision
From family to community
From nation to the world

Sow the habit of perseverance
Focussing on the task at hand
And let not obstacles
Digress you from your goal
Offer your work to that ideal
Accepting the fruits of labour with love

Sow the values of truth and honesty
In every sphere of your life
And let not greed
Stray you from your steadfast beliefs
As you sow
So shall you reap

© copyright skm, 10th July, 2011

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