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Plead the Fifth

What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

Where are you going?
How old are you?
When are you getting married?
Is it a boy or a girl?

How much do you make?
Why have you become so weak ?
Why are you so late from work?
What is your wi-fi  password?

There is a limit to the pesky questions people can ask you which can intrude into your personal space.  There are so many answers we do not know about the universe, science, technology but people would rather not discuss these.  The favourite pastime is gossip.

People who ask these questions must be rather bored or have no hobby/personal interest because they are not interested in their  own lives but would rather try to gather all personal details about you  (even your bank balance).

Sometimes you think that these people need to be told off  as they can be rather irritating and get on your nerves.  But that may not always be the right approach.

Most of the time – the vitriol and gossip comes from a deep sense of lacking and inferiority complex. So, we have to realize for your own sense of well-being that this is not personal to you; it’s all about them and what is missing inside of them.

Understand that their lack of self-competence is driving them to take cheap shots at you because they see something in you that they want but can’t have, usually because they lack the discipline to put in effort or to try harder. Again, it’s not about you; it’s right back to what’s not going right inside of them.

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