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8 Traits of Extraordinary Work Groups

March 25, 2011 1 comment

In their three-year field study of extraordinary work groups across many disciplines, consultants Geoffrey Bellman and Kathleen Ryan found these eight performance indicators that defined group practices:

* Compelling purpose: We are inspired and stretched in making this group’s work our top priority

* Shared leadership: We readily step forward to lead by demonstrating our mutual responsibility for moving our group toward success

* Just enough structure:  We create the minimal structure (systems, plans, roles and tasks)

* Full engagement:  We dive into our work with focus, enthusiasm and passion

* Embracing differences: We value the creative alternatives that result from engaging differing points of view

* Unexpected learning: We are excited by what we learn here and how it applies to other work, other groups and our lives outside of work

* Strengthened relationships:  Our work leads us to greater trust, interdependence and friendship

* Great results:  We work toward and highly value the tangible and intangible outcomes of our work together


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