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April 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Elocution or speaking is my big interest. Although I am by nature introverted, I love to speak in front of an audience. I had this interest since school when I would take part in elocution, debates etc. It has helped me a lot to become comfortable and confident.

I joined Toastmasters International 2 years ago and now having completed 10 projects, I am a Competent Communicator. I would like to take this interest further by being involved in training and leadership for companies.

A typical chapter meeting at a club consists of Prepared speeches, Table topics (Impromptu speeches) and evaluations. There is also a language evaluator who can help you to improve understanding of pronunciation, articulation and grammar. A general evaluator gives tips on how to improve the meetings.

Toastmasters International is a great platform to conquer your speaking fears and to be evaluated by peers in your club. You also have an opportunity to develop leadership skills by taking on meeting roles or positions in the Exco of your club. You get to learn to write a good speech, to listen, to evaluate, to mentor, to give a humorous speech and to inspire others to join your club.

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