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Death – do you ever die?

July 17, 2012 16 comments

Lurking in the shadows
Casting sly, furtive glances
Treading slowly without a sound
Thief who steals precious life

Hiding behind window blinds
A cold, silent stranger
Lying in wait for the right moment
To devour his prey

With a coy smile
He takes you in his embrace
Showering kisses all over
Taking your last breath away

Writhing in pain and agony
The sick pray for him
Yet he turns a blind eye
To their fervent pleas

He acts in mysterious ways
Sometimes striking a fatal blow
With bullet wounds, blood and gore
Or taking you away in your sleep

After the job is done
He flees the crime scene
Without leaving a trace
Of his presence behind

He dances in joy
Ignorant at his folly
The heart does not beat
But the spirit lives on

Death – Are you friend or foe?
Should I love or abhor thee?
Trailing life – like a shadow
Death – Do you ever die?

© copyright skm, 17th July 2012




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A Sunday Morning

August 9, 2010 Leave a comment

A Sunday Morning

The first rays of the sun outline the clouds
Breaking the dark of the night
The struggle has passed
Dawn has broken the spell

Snuggled up in bed
Tired bodies are oblivious of time
People jog on the pavement
Enjoying the sights and sounds of nature

With slow, graceful movements
A group practices Tai-chi in the park
A vendor unloads fresh vegetables
Outside the wet market

Little feet move in unison
To the dance teachers song
The streets are deserted
The shutters are drawn

The faithful clock looks forlorn
The newspaper vendor is late
The street-side hawker is asleep
Nobody pays heed on a Sunday morning

No office rush, no traffic jams
No school and no routines
A time to holiday and to picnic
For music class and sunbathing

A break from the order
When the world is laid back
All rules are broken
Peace reigns supreme on a Sunday morning

©copyright 9th August 2010 skm

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