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Amazing Customer Service!

September 4, 2013 Leave a comment

Every time I call Linksys I am impressed by their customer service.  I have never
experienced such service from any company be it a bank, technology company,
service etc.

The following are some of their outstanding service:
1. The phone is picked up without delay.  So far I have never had to wait
2. The support staff is so gracious – they always make my day
3. The support staff have full knowledge of the product and go all out to solve the problem
4. They are ready to listen to you to thoroughly understand the problem
5. They are willing to solve an issue even if the product has passed its warranty
6. They are willing to solve an issue even if it is not a problem with their equipment
If only every company would be atleast half as responsive as the customer support
staff from Linksys!

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