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The Witness

September 11, 2011 12 comments

Clock ticks heard
Time flies by
The sun rises
New day dawns

Rush to work
The traffic jams
Deadlnes to meet
The project stalls

Time for lunch
Food is served
Back to business
Rush for growth

Love then marriage
Children and diapers
Priorities and choices
Arguments and clashes

Kites, boats, games
Dirty little feet
World of fun
And childhood pranks

Sky turns crimson
Birds fly home
Dusk sets in
Streets light up

Old and tired
Age is queer
Weary and wrinkled
Slow and cautious

The cycle continues
Day and night
A silent witness
Sees it all

Timeless and eternal
Pure and infinite
One and only
Substance of all

© copyright skm,  11th Sept. 2011

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