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The bugle sounds for you

April 14, 2011 33 comments

As the sun sets
He is laid to rest
The bugle sounds and guns fire
A nation pays tribute to a soldier

He fought with honour and without fear
To protect our country from foes
He stood guarding our borders
As seasons changed around him

Far away from his home
Leaving wife and son alone
A soldier fought a war
So that we are at peace

Braving bullets and bombs
Without food and sleep
He is alert all day
Keeping enemies at bay

The earth upon which we tread
He worshipped till he was dead
Fighting hard for our freedom
What a noble patriot he was

Then one day he fell down fighting
A bullet tore through his chest
With a cry for freedom on his lips
He lay down his life for us

A tearful wife and son
Are joined by a whole nation
We salute the brave soldier
And his noble sacrifice



© copyright skm, April 14th, 2011

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