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November 2, 2015 1 comment

You are locked in a room with your greatest fear.  Describe what is in the room.

Fear is an emotion that everyone experiences sometime in their life.  Be it darkness, heights, spiders, cockroaches, loneliness, silence, ghosts etc.

Being Halloween season, it is a time to dress up in spooky outfits and scare the wits of your friends.

I believe that living humans are more scary than any ghost. There are many humans who harbor vengeance, racism, prejudices, anger and lust and these humans can be very dangerous.  For some reason they have suffered a traumatic childhood or abuse of some kind and they grow up crying for attention.  Such individuals need the help of society and if not they can resort to killing innocent people or wreaking havoc with peoples lives.

The greatest fear is of a repressed person – person who grows up in a family with stoic parents or is bullied in school or a wife who suffers daily abuse.  When we lose our freedom of speech and expression an individual bottles up his/her feelings and eventually it will flare up and lead to an outburst.  Societies who have been treated like slaves for years, have risen in revolt and overthrown dictatorial rulers.

So being locked in a room alone or with such a person is my greatest fear – fear of bondage.

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