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Leadership in times of Crisis

I am excited to announce that I will be publishing an Ebook (on LeanPub) entitled ‘Leadership in times of Crisis’

This book is the result of the conversations I had with thought leaders in different parts of the world.  I hope that reading this book will inspire you to have a vision to lead with a purpose, with empathy and remaining steadfast to the values that you believe in.

This book has a foreword by Sunil Prashara, CEO, Project Management Institute. I am thankful to all the leaders who kindly consented to be interviewed by me.

We are facing unprecedented disruptions and the Covid-19 pandemic can serve as an opportunity for leaders and their teams to revisit their Crisis Management, Risk Assessment and Change Management plans and gather fresh insights so that we are better prepared for future shocks. Organizations that embrace change and embed it into their culture will be agile enough to quickly re-invent and emerge stronger from any crisis.

I am confident that the conversations and insights will serve as lessons learned for aspiring leaders.

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