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The future is all around us!

Peter Drucker believed that a major task in building the future is to determine “the future that has already happened”

If we observe around us robotics and AI are all around us. Changi airport in Singapore uses robotic cleaners. Terminal 4 has automation right from self check-in and bag drop at departure to immigration clearance and boarding with a view to provide fast and seamless travel. This has resulted in its ability to process 20 to 30% more passengers per hour (source: Channel News Asia 1st Nov 2018)

Food courts and restaurants have made great strides in automation. Sushi outlets provide tablets/i-pads at every table for orders and also have the orders delivered to your table by train. Koufu is also trying out an automated tray return system. Fast food chains like McDonalds have also installed self-service kiosks.

In the driverless vehicle space, Singapore has made great advances. NTU and Volvo launched a full-sized autonomous electric bus for trial (source: The Straits Times 5th Mar 2019). Western Singapore is a test bed for self-driving vehicles.

Humanoid robots have the ability today to recognize faces and remember conversations.

In the transport sector, Mobike’s Magic Cube, for instance, manages the company’s fleet of 9 million bicycles around the world. The firm provides up to 30 million rides a day in over 200 cities, generating nearly 40 terabytes of data daily.

Movie houses have self-service ticketing kiosks. A self-service kiosk shortens ticket queues by enabling customers to reserve and pay for their tickets online, and then print them out when they arrive at the theater.

The pervasiveness of AI in everyday life has created anxiety among the masses. By 2020, AI is projected to create 2.3 million new jobs worldwide while eliminating 1.8 million traditional jobs, according to research firm Gartner.

However, although there are rapid strides in machine learning the ability of robots to make sound and critical decisions and show empathy like humans has still a long way to go. So for now let us create a future where humans hold the key to make decisions that benefit the generations to come.

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