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India – where cricket is an obsession!

Cricket is a national obsession in India so much so that it could be called a religion. You can see children and adults alike play cricket inside the home, in the compound, on the street and anywhere where they can find some place.
Cricketers are treated like superstars, they have a huge fan following and they are
even worshipped or treated on par with God.

It is a game in which showing the index finger is considered perfectly fine (the umpire does this to signal that a player is out). The english say it is raining cats and dogs. For indians it is raining fours and sixes.

The commentator in a cricket game can behave like an energized electron at flashpoint..
He goes:”And this ball is full toss to Chris Gayle and Gayle is waiting for this moment.
He middles the ball and lifts it high in the air… and this is really far 108m. The crowd is in a frenzy, they are shouting and screaming. This man is hitting every ball for a six or a four. What a knock from Chris Gayle!”

With the advent of IPL, clubs conduct auction for top players.. Some of these players can
command millions of dollars. Betting on matches is also a big business and has resulted
in players being caught for match-fixing.

While cricket has a huge fan following in India. It will be great if the same attention can be given to other sports like hockey, football, badminton, wrestling, boxing, swimming, tennis and chess where sportsmen and sportsmen are doing great honours for India but are not getting due attention

Currently, the World T20 Cup has reached the semi-final phase and the first semi-final will be played today.


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