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Bukit Kutu – A weekend trek

My second trek this year was a memorable trek up Bukit Kutu hill (Treacher’s Hill) in Selangor.   This hike is not an easy one and is not meant for beginners.  The 7 – 8 hour trek takes about 4 hrs uphill and 3 hours downhill.  Bukit Kutu is 1080m and the trail is covered with thick bamboo vegetation.


We started out from Rawang after stopping for breakfast after a briefing with our leader.  On this trek you come across 2 big rocks, a chimney  and a sanatorium.  There are different versions of stories on the sanatorium/hospital here.  Some say there it may be meant for recuperation of the injured rather than a hospital for treating the hill.

File_005 (3)


Once at the summit you can get a panoramic view of the clouds, valley and mountain peaks. I joined the SG Trekking group and we were 40 people of diverse backgrounds.  This made the trip even more enjoyable as there was a lot of sharing and networking. After the long trek uphill, the 360deg view from the summit was the best reward.

File_008 (3)

Coming downhill is not easy as your legs are wobbly after the long climb.  For an outdoor experience and a day away from city life, this trek offers a good sweat and you will feel recharged and rejuvenated for the week ahead.

File_002 (1)

File_000 (23)


On our return we enjoyed a dip in the stream below the waterfall.

File_000 (22)

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