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Anyone know the six most frightening words in the world?? The Dentist will see you now

Why do we fear a dentist?

  • Our mouth is a vulnerable part of our body and several basic needs are threatened via the mouth, including breathing and eating
  • people who have an excessive need to maintain control feel very helpless when they are a dental patient
  • fear of syringes, drilling and scary pictures of cavities.

However, my daughter is the first person I know who trusts the dentist more than me.  This is because of her personal experience of plucking a tooth at home.   One day  she approached me showing a tooth that was as loose and shaky as a baby’s rattle.  I tried my best to convince her that I could remove the tooth for her with minimum discomfort.  But she just would not agree.

Holding a tissue secretly..i approached her..asked her to open her mouth.. and when I had practiced the move in my mind… I shot my hand forth and pulled out the tooth in a fraction of a second.  She could not believe when I showed her the tooth..I bought her some icecream to console her.  After that she kept  the tooth safely under the pillow for the tooth fairy.  After this incident my daughter trusted only a dentist.

On my first visit to the dentist – I sat down on the chair.  He reclined it down .  It felt great.

I did not know what a filling was?

What filling would you like – the dentist asked?  Chocolate please I said.  I did not realize that I had a cavity in my wisdom tooth and it had to be filled .

I thought a plaque is an award one gets for making a speech…until  the dentist told me that I had got plaque.

Dentists are so used to injecting local anaesthetics that they seem to get a thrill out of it. Once I visited the dentist because of periodontal problem.   The dentist took out this syringe and he gave a big smile.  I don’t know what was so funny about a syringe.  He then proceeded to inject me all around my mouth.

After some time my whole face was numb… I touched my jaw and it felt strange.  I could not tell if my tongue was still there in my mouth.  He asked me to rinse my mouth.  But when I poured the water in, it just flowed out the same way..as I could not open or close my mouth.  I realized I could not speak.

The dentist then proceeded to clean and polish.  In between he took a drill and drilled.  I thought – Is this a dentist or a civil engineer?  Am I at the right place?

The tools that the dentist uses, the awkward position of lying down makes one feel vulnerable,  and the dentist peering over his mask at you are some of the things that people fear visiting a dentist (Dentophobia)

I visit the dentist atleast once a year  to clean and polish. After the cleaning and polishing, my teeth were pearly white.. they had such a sparkle that I did not need to switch on the lights.

The dentist was a person I feared but now I know that taking care of our teeth is as important as any other part of our body and the dentist is the best person for this job!

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