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Book Review – Jane Eyre


I have just finished reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. It is a very touching rtale of romance .   The language is lucid and descriptive and this grips the readers attention to the end.

The story is a roller-coaster of emotions in the life of Jane as she moves from a traumatic childhood under the care of her cruel, wealthy aunt Mrs.Reed.   Jane Eyre is an orphan of no beauty, wealth, or social standing. She suffers abuse and ill-treatment.  A servant named Bessie provides Jane with some comfort, telling her stories and singing songs to her.

Jane is a sincere, blunt and dignified character whereas Mr. Rochester is domineering and calculative.

She is then sent to Lowood school where she has to cope with a new set of tribulations.  The school’s headmaster is Mr. Brocklehurst, a cruel, hypocritical, and abusive man. Brocklehurst preaches a doctrine of poverty and privation to his students while using the school’s funds to provide a wealthy and opulent lifestyle for his own family.  At Lowood, Jane befriends a young girl named Helen Burns, whose strong, martyrlike attitude toward the school’s miseries is both helpful and displeasing to Jane. She learns a lot of patience and resilience by befriending Helen. A massive typhus epidemic sweeps Lowood, and Helen dies of consumption.

After teaching for two years, Jane yearns for new experiences. She accepts a governess position at a manor called Thornfield, where she teaches a lively French girl named Adèle. The distinguished housekeeper Mrs. Fairfax presides over the estate. Jane’s employer at Thornfield is a dark, impassioned man named Rochester, with whom Jane finds herself falling secretly in love. She saves Rochester from a fire one night, which he claims was started by a drunken servant named Grace Poole. But because Grace Poole continues to work at Thornfield, Jane concludes that she has not been told the entire story. Jane expects Rochester to propose to Blanche. But Rochester instead proposes to Jane, who accepts almost disbelievingly.

After hearing that Mr. Rochester is already married to Bertha. Jane has to go through further trials where she is homeless and forced to beg for a living.  Fortunately she meets with her relatives the “Rivers’ .  One day she finds out that her uncle has left behind a big fortune for her.  She shares this with her new found relatives.  St. John River finds her  a job in India.

One night Jane hears the voice of Mr. Rochester. His wife Bertha has burnt down their house at Thornfield and dies in the fire.Mr. Rochester survives but loses his eyesight and one of his hands.  Jane cannot abandon her one true love and they rebuild their relationship and get married.

Despite being  powerless,  Jane is one of the strongest women characters in fiction and by sticking to her principles she is rewarded with true love.

  1. melissajane14
    July 22, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    This is an amazing story! I have to admit, though, I’ve never read the book. I’ve seen all three of the films, and I have to say that I prefer Orson Welles’ interpretations of Mr. Rochester….That’s nothing against Michael Fassbender – who I think is amazing 🙂

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