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A Bangalore weekend

During the Chinese new year holidays here in Singapore, I had booked for a short, lightning trip to Bangalore to be with my family.  We decided to go on a day trip of Bangalore on the last day of my stay.

Our first stop was the Bannerghatta National Park.  We went on a trip of the zoo and also took the Safari trip.  It was a good, memorable experience where we got to see animals like elephants, lion, tigers and deer at a close range.

20150221_094133 20150221_105332 20150221_105953 20150221_110330 20150221_111633 20150221_112133 20150221_114936

We then visited the Visvesvaraya museum.  This museum has several interesting exhibits on physics, mechanics, space science, automobiles, engines etc

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Our next stop was the Bangalore palace.  This was an eye opener for me.  The audio guide and the beautiful exhibits in the palace revived memories of the grandeur and opulence of the Vadiyar Maharajahs and their lifestyle during the British Raj.

20150221_141117 20150221_141248 20150221_141321 20150221_143750 20150221_143816 20150221_144309

I also visited the Iskcon temple at Rajaji Nagar and took a ride on the Bangalore metro.

20150219_122339 20150219_122520 20150219_135922 20150219_140135

It is surprising that I could visit so many places during this short stay.  But sometimes the lesser time you have, the more you can accomplish.

I enjoyed the short stay in Bangalore as I could be with my family as well as visit some of the landmarks of Bangalore.

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