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Work? Optional!

If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?

In today’s world, one has basic needs – shelter, mouths to feed and clothing.  These are just basic necessities and cannot be bought without money. So, we cannot leave money out of the equation.  Ofcourse, money is not the only requirement in life – there is a need for love, recognition and happiness.

Once our basic needs are met then we can think beyond the immediate confines of our family to encompass  our community, our country and the world at large.  But if we are living to meet our basic needs, then it becomes difficult to be altruistic even if we are kind and generous at heart.

 I enjoy doing volunteer work in my free time but that does not fulfil my needs. It gives me a sense of fulfilment.  So, earning money is not to be viewed in a wrong light.  We need money but being selfish, hoarding money and earning money by gambling or wrong means will bring more pain and misery than happiness!


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