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Your days are numbered

It’s January 26. Write a post in which the number 26 plays a role.
Photographers, artists, poets: show us NUMBERS.

rep day.jpg

                   (Pic:  rediff.com)

26th January is celebrated as Republic day in India – the day when India’s constitution came into existence in 1950.

This day evokes strong memories for me. I loved to watch the republic day parades, floats and displays of air crafts, battle tanks and missiles. The air show by the Indian Air force is the main attraction. The march past by the army, airforce, police, border security is majestic to watch and the shows by school children adds colour and splendour to the show.

India’s military might, its multi-hued cultural heritage and the nation’s achievements in various fields were on display today at Rajpath, the ceremonial boulevard in the heart of Delhi, as the nation celebrated its 65th Republic Day amid tight security

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