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You get to enjoy the best day ever — describe in detail what that means to you. Where are you? What will you do? What’s the weather like? What will you eat? Who will you see?Photographers, artists, poets: show us INDULGENT.

The best moments in my life have been with my family when we were on holiday. My objective on a holiday is seamless fun and that includes leaving aside all other distractions. I shut off my mobile phone and wifi and plunge into the fun of it all. This inclues a good rest, soaking in the sights, sounds, sun,
sand etc in the new environment.

Usually on a holiday, I like to go for a free and easy schedule so as to get to travel on the local transport, savour the local food and get a true pulse of the place.

I have enjoyed a holiday in a rustic, rural setting where time stands still. Nature is also vibrant and green and in all its splendour. You are awakened by the rooster at dawn. The folk here are also simple and they live life with passion and zeal.

We have also enjoyed playing sports, riding roller-coasters, enjoying local food, swimming, snorkelling, canoeing etc.

The best moments of our life are truly when we soak ourselves in the moment, in the fun without allowing any distractions to lead our mind astray!

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