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Are we born to complain!

When a child screams you can put a pacifier in it s mouth but when an adult complains what do you do?

For a child – they have no way of expressing their basic need/pain.. so they cry for milk, for food or if they want some toy..  or sometimes just to get your attention!

We don’t have to find a reason to complain.  Early morning when we wake up – we whine –“The water is too cold”

If it rains, we complain of too  much water, flooding etc  If its hot and sunny we complain its stuffy and sweaty.

At breakfast the husband complains  to his  wife –“The tea tastes bitter” or at lunch – “. the food is tasteless”

The father complains to the  child: “Why don’t  you do your homework without watching TV all day”

And the employee complains to the boss:

“Sir – the work is too much – I desperately need a raise”

(To which the Boss will reply–“ the company is running a loss because of people like you – go and do your job before I fire you”)

For a teenager eg. A boy on a date – he complains because he wants the perfect girl – too short  – mmm mmm, too tall mm mm , too fat mmm mmm , too thin mm mmm – must be 36 – 24 – 36, long hair, fair, not too tall – not too short … I wonder if scientists can genetically produce such a female

We complain because our  wife sends us  to buy  groceries.

Housing – we need a home near the MRT, near a food court,. If it is near an old age home or a rubbish dump – we get a chance to complain.

Our trains – we complain that we are packed like sardines

Sometimes we complain because we have too many choices.  If we were told when young… there is only roti prata and you must have it.  There is no choice and if you are hungry you will eat it.

But Singapore is a foodies paradise – you want plain prata, egg prata, murtabak, or icecream prata – you want Adam road nasi lemak or katong laksa.     Now that is a problem.. so we complain!  What to eat!

Come to drinks – we have teh, the si, kopi, kopi o, kopi o kosong, teh tarik, milo, milo kosong, lemon tea, sugarcane juice and ofcourse desserts like bobo cha cha,  ice kacang – the list is so long..again complain!

Singapore is shielded from floods, no tsunami, no hurricanes and no earthquakes. So when there is a small disturbance like a haze we get over reactive and  run to the pharmacy to get the best mask.

If they build a workers dormitory near your home –then we are not happy/  If your maid takes an extra day off and if the rubbish dump is close to your home.

Getting a place in Pri 1 gives parents another chance to bicker.


We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” – Abraham Lincoln

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  1. Pallavi
    September 13, 2013 at 6:10 am

    Hi Sanjeev,

    I stumbled upon your blog through indiblogger . Just wanted to commend you on your posts. Very insightful, crisp and well written . It’s so true that we should be grateful for what we have instead of finding faults and cribbing. Human nature I guess .


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