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Quirky Singaporean habits!

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and after having lived here for more than 20 years I have witnessed some Singaporeans with unique traits that make them outstanding from the rest of us.
You find them carrying all the latest gadgets from smartphones to tablets to MP3 players to headphones.  He looks like he has gone for an ECG test or just dropped from Mars.
They love Candy crush and they loves their gadgets so much that they fondle them, touch them gently and buy all the accessories for these gadgets.  They treat their phones much better than their girlfriends/boyfriends.
You will find them at Funan Centre or Sim Lim Square scouring gadgets and prices.
You can find them mostly in queues at closing down sales.   They do not need sleep because they will pitch their tent and camp overnight to make sure they get that latest iphone, hello kitty or minion.    They have a must-win mentality .  And they will curse and swear at you if you block them.
Their favourite weapons are tissue papers used to chop seats at food courts.

Complain king
If its too hot, too cold, it rains or its hazy – the complain king likes to whine.  Is it COV or COE or ERP the complain king always has  a reason to complain.
If the workers dormitory is near his home, if the maid takes a day off or if there is a rubbish dump near the home they will complain.  If the neighbour clothes drip water or they are cooking curry then the situation will escalate.


Connoisseur for food.  He has great tast buds and spends time scouring  the island to find the best eating places.  His conversation centres around food and he never gets tired of eating.
Adam road nasi lemak, katong laksa, beach road prawn noodle, hill street fried kuay teow, jalan kayu roti prata,  Tian Tian Hainanese chicken rice at Maxwell food centre, Yong Tau foo at North bridge  road etc.


35 year old Mr. Tong Ming Ming  is a taxi driver who donated part of his liver to  a complete strangerr.
The Cuff road project (TWC2) donate freed food every week to migrant workers.
Quirky behaniours are there in every country but it is the gracious Singaporeans who stand out by considering their community and country above Self!

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  1. indrani
    September 8, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    Good to know them.

  2. September 10, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    Nice!! And kudos to Mr Tong!!! We all should aspire to be as selfless as him!!

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