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Things that make me go ROFL

Daily prompt: Tell us about the last time you had a real, deep, crying-from-laughing belly laugh.

I try not to miss my daily dose of Friends at 7pm after work.  It is a real recharger and put s me back in relaxed mode.   All the cast are marvelous actors who have great charisma and the whole unit has great camaraderie.    Joey is my favourite and he never fails to tickle my funny bone.  Other comedy sitcoms I like are ‘Whose line is it anyway’ and Seinfeld.

Standup comedies are fun too.  Russell Peters is a phenomenon and he is a fun to watch.  He has a wonderful understanding of different cultures and he can leave you in stitches.

A daily dose of laughter is a great stress-buster and it invigorates you.  Laughter that originates from your deep belly is a great massage for your internal organs , improves circulation and is contagious.  Laughter yoga clubs (founded by Madan Kataria) are sprouting everywhere in the world.

Comic strips are a great source of fun and  humour.  I  love R K Laxman’s  daily cartoon in the Times of India with his unique ‘common man’.  I also love Dilbert strips about office politics.

When it comes to books it has to be PG Wodehouse with his unique style of writing.  Jeeves never fails to make us laugh.   Then there are TinTin comics which are a fun read.

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