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A ferry ride to serenity



Last weekend we took a 2D/1N escapade to Batam. This trip was purely for relaxation and we did not do any travel within Batam. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort at Waterfront. The resort offers excellent suites, spas, gymnasium, swimming pool and a choice of 6 restaurants.

This was a different trip from our last holiday to Bintan. At Bintan, we have lot of watersports and other activities and it is more suited for the adventurous or sporty traveler. If you are looking for rejuvenation and comfort  – Batam is a good choice.

The ferry trip from Harbourfront to Waterfront takes 45 minutes. But we made a mistake and got off at Sekupang. We informed the staff at Holiday inn through the agent and they soon sent a bus to fetch us to the resort.

Right from our entry into Batam we were touched by the hospitality of all the staff at the Holiday Inn. Everyone of them would greet us with folded hands and were doing their best to make our stay pleasant

At the tea tree spa we had a 1 hour traditional Indonesian full body massage in an outdoor setting. The serene setting, relaxing music and the wonderful hospitality made this experience memorable. This was followed by a sauna and Jacuzzi.

We also had a good time in the pool and the gymnasium.

The international breakfast buffet is also excellent. For dinner we tried out the Tepanyaki Japanese restaurant near the outdoor pool. It was a pleasure watching the chef prepare the dishes. He was truly enjoying his job and the food was excellent.

During both our trips to Batam as well as Bintan we got a feeling of ample time – (don’t know whether it is because Indonesia is 1 hour behind Singapore). The trip was a short getaway but we enjoyed every moment of it.

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