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Day 20 — I’m half naked, cold, tired, hungry, hurt, wet and just washed up on a deserted island. The first things I need to do to survive is…

April 21, 2012 1 comment

Morooned on this island my first thoughts would be to try my best to gain some composure. Then, I would begin to look out for ‘water’ which would be my first need to survive and also to clean my wound. The next thing would be to make a make-shift shelter for me to live in. I would also have to look out for food to survive. I am looking out for fruits, nuts – yeah – I’m starving – please help me!!
Next, I need some rest. I don’t have to hang any ‘Do not disturb’ sign and I can sleep calmly (well being deserted comes with some perks)

I will need to start a fire.. well I have to go back and do as the ‘stone age’ men did and try to rub rocks . I would have to find something to dry myself like leaves.

Meanwhile I would have to keep a lookout for any other island nearby – and I have to make some signs on the soil like ‘’ HELP I’M ALL ALONE & LOST – NEED COMPANY”

What I’m missing most now is my phone – I would first find my location on google maps. I would go to foursquare and become the ‘Mayor’ of this deserted island and start to advertise it as a tourist paradise on facebook, twitter, pinterest and all the social media.
I would broadcast in 140 characters on twitter & facebook– MOROONED ON AN ISLAND – PLEASE HELP WITH FOOD & SUPPLIES

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Day 19 — The film that best describes how my day-to-day life feels is…

April 19, 2012 1 comment




The film that does not actually describe my life but  inspires me to live my life in the moment by trying all that we love to without fear is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara a bolywood movie (Hindi)

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” (English: Life Won’t Come Again) is a road movie starring three male leads – Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar. Six months after Kabir meets Natasha, they are engaged to be married. He plans an extended bachelor party to Spain with two of his best friends since high school, Imraan and Arjun. But Arjun is tied up with work so Kabir blackmails his friend with emotions as well as sweet talks. The boys soon set off on a journey that was meant to happen four years ago. During the road trip, the boys do many activities such as ultimate sports of their choice. The three boys eventually go their separate ways and meet up again in Barcelona before going off on another adventure.

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April 18, 2012 5 comments

We shrink and we shrivel
Shivers go through our spine
It causes us to shriek and shout
We get palpitations and
Break into a sweat
What is this thing called fear?

Fear of failure
Fear of loss
Fear of the future
Fear of the dark
Fear of heights
Fear of the unknown

Let not your mind wander
into doubts and confusion
Courage and confidence
can quell all self-doubt
Take a deep breath
Recover your poise
There is nothing to fear
But fear itself!

© copyright skm, 18th April, 2012

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Day 18 — I would agree or disagree that high school is/was the time of my life… Because…

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment


High school was definitely the time of my life – because it was that phase of my life when I was involved in things, had a greater  sense of wonder and curiosity and had no worries about the future.  It was that period when there are no pressures of earning a living, the rush to work etc.

Games that we played during high school were mostly outdoor games like cricket, badminton, kabaddi, table-tennis etc.  unlike the children of today who are glued to computer games and playstations.

I am fortunate to have grown up in India.  I got an opportunity to mingle with friends from all parts of India like Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Gujarat  etc.  We also learnt to celebrate all Indian festivals in the spirit of oneness. I can speak and understand many Indian dialects.

I also enjoyed taking part in elocution and drama.  I was introverted by nature and had few friends but am in contact with them even today.  So, I must say that the friends I made in the school days were great friends.

I studied in a boys school so I did miss out on the fun of co-education until I went to college.  I did not have an exposure to music and couple of other activities so  I am learning to play the violin now.  It was also the time when we were exposed to bullying, fights, leadership and that only the fittest will survive in the competitive world.

I  studied French in high school and it opened my eyes to a different culture and I can’t wait to visit France someday!.

I believe that the high school years is not only about studying from books.  They are the formative years  – when you can build your character, learn the life skills that will come to use later,  and the values by which you will live your life.

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Day 17 — There are many mysteries in the universe. If there were one truth I could learn, it would be…

April 17, 2012 1 comment


The incredible difference in scale between the tiny world we live in every day and the vastness of all time and space begs the question of whether we will ever be able to grasp the fullness of the universe.

The universe around us is a huge mystery and there are so many perplexing wonders. The sun which is at the centre of the universe is a gigantic mass of fire and its size defies our imagination. You could fit 109 eartths across the sun’s diameter. If you could melt the earth into a liquid and pour it into an empty sphere the size of the Sun, then you really could fit in the equivalent of about 1,300,000 Earths.

Apart from our solar system also there are millions of galaxies. Scientists are still exploring for evidence of life on other planets. Several theories like the big bang theory and others have been put forth to explain the origin of our Universe but this question still baffles us all. Everything around us in nature works with such precision that this creation is a mind-boggling wonder.

I am always in awe about the question of creation and I am constantly in search of the truth. Darwinian theories of biologists, Big Bang theory, Steady state theory & Infinite Universe theory from Science and philosophy also seeks to understand this great mystery.

But my belief is that there is a Universal consciousness that pervades everything, which is the substratum that creates, sustains and ultimately destroys all life.  I am still a seeker of this truth……:)

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Day 16 — I’ve just been granted the power of resurrection but I can only use it to bring back one dead celebrity. I would bring back ________ because…

April 16, 2012 12 comments


Today is the 123rd birthday of Charlie Chaplin and if there is one celebrity, rather a legend that I would resurrect if I had the power it would be him.


The words comedy and Charlie Chaplin have been synonymous. Chaplin’s work has spanned some seven decades since his birth in 1889 till his death in 1977. Born Charles Spencer ‘Charlie’ Chaplin, this man played with the boundaries of comedy, pushed them  far, and shaped and re-shaped them.

Chaplin was one of the most creative and influential personalities of the silent-film era. He was influenced by his predecessor, the French silent film comedian Max Linder, to whom he dedicated one of his films

The Gold Rush, The Kid, The Great Dictator, The Circus are some of his well known classic films

George Bernard Shaw called Charlie Chaplin  “the only genius to come out of the movie industry”

Day 15 — Given the choice between infinite time or infinite money, I would choose…

April 16, 2012 Leave a comment



Given a choice between these two ‘imaginary’ situations it would be ‘ Infinite money for me!  I wouldn’t  like to have infinite time as I wouldn’t like to live like a vegetable. I feel one has to have some constraint inorder to function creatively in this world otherwise it would lead to lethargy.  I would rather use the limited time that l have at my hands to live to the best of my potential.

Coming to the subject of infinite money!   Well that is truly a blessing but it doesn’t come without its problems.  Spending the money wisely is important.  I would first of all buy a decent dwelling for myself and my close ones and put aside savings for the rest of our lives.

I wouldn’t keep any more money for myself and would keep donating everyday to  the poor.

Since, the money is infinite I would donate to all the charitable institutions around the world, to education, to alleviate poverty, hunger, diseases etc.  I would also travel around the world to help build homes for the needy and to sponsor their medical care.

I would then tell the banks to stop printing money as I can provide them with their needs forever – maybe I will be appointed President of the World Bank and will be given permanent residence in all  countries for my infinite contributions 🙂

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Day 14 — Because my parents never found out, I remember getting away with __________ as a teenager…

April 14, 2012 4 comments

During my engineering college days, I stayed in the college hostel and we had access to magazines like Playboy, Debonair etc. We also had marathon movie sessions. This was something I got away with as I was away from home.

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Divine Glimpses (Vishu Kani)

April 14, 2012 4 comments

Today marks the auspicious festial of Vishu. On this day, Malayalee Hindus wake up early in the morning to see the Vishu Kani. The elders in the house arrange the Vishu Kani. A picture of Lord Krishna is decorated using ‘konna’ (laburnum) flowers. The Vishukkani consists of a ritual arrangement of auspicious articles like raw rice, fresh lemon, golden cucumber, betel leaves, arecanut, metal mirror, yellow flowers konna (Cassia fistula), and a holy text and coins, in a bell metal vessel called uruli in the puja room of the house. A lighted bell metal lamp called nilavilakku is also placed alongside

On Vishu, the custom is to wake up at dawn and go to the puja room with eyes closed so that the Vishukkani is the first sight of the new season. The elders in the family first wake up and light the lamp and then they will bing each member of the family by closing their eyes and leading them to the Vishu Kani. We believe that seeing the auspicious picture of Lord Krishna early in the morning will usher in good luck, happiness and prosperity. All the kids will get vishu kaineettam (some money) after the vishu kani from elderly persons
of the house.

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Day 13 — I once got so drunk and lost control and this is what I was told I did and have no reason to doubt it…

April 13, 2012 3 comments



The  worst that I went through after couple of drinks is ‘puking’ .  I have always drunk within my control and stop after I know I have reached my limit.

Also, I try to avoid drinking beer because I am trying to keep fit and shrink the pot belly.  So, I try to exercise at least twice a week.

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