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Day 15 — Given the choice between infinite time or infinite money, I would choose…



Given a choice between these two ‘imaginary’ situations it would be ‘ Infinite money for me!  I wouldn’t  like to have infinite time as I wouldn’t like to live like a vegetable. I feel one has to have some constraint inorder to function creatively in this world otherwise it would lead to lethargy.  I would rather use the limited time that l have at my hands to live to the best of my potential.

Coming to the subject of infinite money!   Well that is truly a blessing but it doesn’t come without its problems.  Spending the money wisely is important.  I would first of all buy a decent dwelling for myself and my close ones and put aside savings for the rest of our lives.

I wouldn’t keep any more money for myself and would keep donating everyday to  the poor.

Since, the money is infinite I would donate to all the charitable institutions around the world, to education, to alleviate poverty, hunger, diseases etc.  I would also travel around the world to help build homes for the needy and to sponsor their medical care.

I would then tell the banks to stop printing money as I can provide them with their needs forever – maybe I will be appointed President of the World Bank and will be given permanent residence in all  countries for my infinite contributions 🙂

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