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Teach to inspire

I have always had a love for teaching. Although, I am an engineer by profession,I have taught primary to junior college children in my free time.

On one instance I had a class of naughty primary 3 students. Some of the kids would keep talking no matter what you told them. They were easily distracted and you had to capture their attention. Borrowing erasers and pencils and talking to each other during the class It was difficult to manage them so I had to set the ground rules first.

My strategy was to ask lot of questions, inculcate in them a love of the subject, get them involved and encourage them. Asking questions is very important and children will develop a better understanding by clarifying their doubts. If they are not allowed to ask questions these questions will remain as lingering doubts in their mind.

Giving the children a real world perspective when teaching science eg. showing what a fern or hibiscus looks like, can help to arouse more interest than just describing concepts in words.

Some children have a natural inclination towards art and craft. And when given projects they are totally absorbed in it and it turns into a whole new learning experience. They love to make scrapbooks, origami and science projects and enjoy self-learning and discovery.

When teaching english, getting young children to develop the habit of reading is important as it improves their vocabulary naturally. Children today are exposed to a lot of technology gadgets like smart phones, television, playstations etc that their attention is easily distracted. Taking children to the library or reading a book to them at night can help to rekindle the love of reading.

Teachers can do a lot to inspire, motivate and instill the right values in our children!!

  1. Jigme Tenzin
    March 23, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    i think every teacher should teach to inspire and yeah none the less, i had so many teacher who had been great source of inspiration! Thanks for sharing with us, it’s wonderful. So every teacher should try to inspire the fire within the children’s heart!

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