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Annoying questions ???


What are some questions that irritate you?  There is no shortage of people who like
to poke their nose in others affairs and like to just ask annoying questions and offer
even more annoying advice.  It is good to have some answers ready for such irritating
questions ( I hope that I would be able to answer this way – there is no choice but to
put off such ridiculous queries).

Q. A bachelor is asked: When are you getting married?
Are you running a match-making agency?.  Or do you work as a marriage broker?

Q. A married guy is asked: When are you planning for a child?
As soon as I figure out how – do you have any tips or suggestions?

Q. A couple expecting their first child is quizzed – Is it a boy or a girl?
      Do you want to accompany us to the doctor to find out?

Q. A couple who has a child is asked:  Aren’t you planning for a second child?
How soon do you need to know that – let me call my husband

Q. And here comes the most annoying one – “Do you like your mama or papa more?”
     Innocent kids find it very difficult to answer this one and are put in a spot.  Give them a break.’

Q. At a restaurant – asking the waiter if a particular dish is good?
      I have yet to come across a waiter who will say that the food in his restaurant is not good.

Then there are those that ask you the most obvious questions..

You are drenched and they go – Q.  Is it raining outside?
      No.  Its so hot that I had a shower before work

You are watching a movie and they ask – Q. Are you watching a movie?
No I’m trying to teleport myself into the TV

What are some of the questions that annoy you the most?

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  1. November 3, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    Haha, Weird. I just wrote one on the exact same topic. We keep getting them all the time, don’t we?


  2. November 4, 2011 at 5:59 am

    nice read!!! Couldn’t help smiling…

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