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Our Universe – its really, really BIG….

Our universe is so BIG (i can’t find an adjective to describe its size)  that it is quite difficult to even imagine its size.  Here are some facts about the size of our universe! After seeing some videos, I find myself and our earth so insignificantly small in this whole scheme of the universe .. it always baffles my mind!

If our sun was hollow, it could  hold about  1 million, 300 thousand earths

We thought the entire universe consists of what we know today as the Milky way galaxy.  But today we know that it is just one of hundreds of billions of other galaxies

Each galaxy is home to around 200 billion stars.  This is more than the grains of sand on all the beaches of planet earth

The largest known star – Epsilon – is so big that, if hollowed out, would hold 27 billion of our suns.

On  a trip round the sun the earth travels over a million and a half miles a day

It would take a car travelling  at 100mph more than  29 million years to reach the nearest star


And here are some videos to try to visualise the extent of our universe




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  1. August 9, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    Yes, but we the humans always behave and act like we are the center of Universe even our lifespan is short as average 70 years comparable with the lifespan of those stars we are just passing objects nothing more…

    New post available.

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