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Are we really that intelligent?

Man has always taken pride in the fact that he is the most intelligent among the living species –  the next in line being animals and the lowest plants.  But are we really that intelligent?

Birds like the Arctic Tern can migrate over vast oceans without rest and this shows the immense endurance and intelligence of these birds.  This elegant white seabird. breeds on the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Northern Hemisphere summer. And it feeds over the Southern Oceans half a year later – in Southern Hemisphere summer. North American Arctic Terns fly about 40,000 kilometers, or 24,000 miles, each year ”

A few weeks after mating during the breeding season (October – February) female turtles, weighing more than 100kg, pull themselves onto the beaches, dig a hole in sand and lay about 100 leathery eggs into the hole. They cover the eggs and return to the sea, leaving the eggs to be incubated by sun that warms the sand.

Two or three months later (depending on the amount of sunny days), they can come back and identify the eggs.  Tiny baby sea turtles hatch and climb out of the nest. At the sunset they run to the water, all at once to confuse the predators such as crabs, gulls and frigatebirds.

Chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins and monkeys also demonstrate high degrees of intelligence.

Humans inspite of their intelligence have created havoc with the environment by destruction of rainforests, mining, construction of dams, roads, resorts etc without paying any heed to the exotic plants and animals that reside in these forests.  We are thus seeing untold floods, droughts, landslides, earthquakes etc as a result of our actions.

The question thus arises – Are we using our intelligence wisely for the betterment of our world and ecosystem or is it a case of misuse of intelligence?




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  1. July 31, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    very well Writen brother!

  2. August 1, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    Beautiful opinion piece; you are a fantastic communicator!

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