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Body Language

Biting nails —————————————Insecurity, nervousness
Lounging on chair with arms dangling —— Relaxed
Standing with hands on hips——————-Readiness, aggression
Arms crossed on chest————————-Defensiveness
Touching or rubbing nose———————Rejection, lying
Rubbing eyes ————————————Doubt
Locked ankles ———————————–Apprehension
Rubbing hands ———————————-Anticipation
Hands clasped behing head ——————-Confidence, superiority
Open palm —————————————Sincerity, openness
Pinching bridge of nose, eyes closed ——–Foreboding
Tapping or drumming fingers —————-Impatience
Patting/fondling hair ————————–Insecurity
Tilted head ————————————–Interest
Stroking chin ————————————Making a decision
Looking down, face turned away ————Disbelief
Pulling or tugging at ear ———————–Indecision

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